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You are unique!

Your blood test results are unique to you.

Your foods need to be unique to you too!

Your blood is the key to creating your personalized nutrition plan.

Start today!

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What is the Metabolic Balance Program?

Watch the video to see

USA Metabolic Balance Ambassador Jane

explain why this is a proven and sustainable weight loss option for everyone. 


Every body has unique and individual needs. 

No one plan will work for everyone.

With us, your personalized nutrition and food plan is based on your unique blood chemistry.

what is metabolic balance

What is Metabolic Balance all about?  

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Metabolic Balance is a scientific-based and research-driven nutrition plan to help lower inflammation, balance hormones and help people to lose weight. It is based on the science that many people cannot lose weight due to high levels of insulin in their body because they are eating the wrong foods. When your insulin levels become too high, several things can happen: you are always hungry; you just cannot lose weight no matter what you do and you give up frustrated and usually end up gaining more weight! 


When you gain weight, visceral fat grows and accumulates behind your belly button. Visceral fat, the most dangerous fat in the body, can cause Metabolic Syndrome which leads to heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and blood lipid problems. 


Metabolic Balance reduces insulin levels in the body with 8 easy rules to follow.  Based on a sample of your blood, a personalized meal plan is created is based on 36 specific blood values and your health history, that is high in biological value and low in the glycemic index. Each plan changes the way insulin works in your body, while providing the correct amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates for perfect metabolism.  Clients routinely lose between 5 and 20 pounds in the first 16 days. And remember, it is a food-based program with real food and no pills or shakes. 

So how does Metabolic Balance work?

You receive a unique and individually tailored food program that supports you on your way to achieving your goals.

You will be amazed at how quickly you can achieve the goals you have set.

  • Work with experienced advisors and coaches
    All of our advisors and coaches have undergone intensive training and certification to assist you with your weight loss goals. The Metabolic Balance Ambassador for the USA is a holistic nutritionist based out of Canada with over 30+ years of experience helping those achieve their goals
  • Enjoy a personal consultation with a coach
    Your coach will discuss all the details about Metabolic Balance while discussing your goals and wishes. They also take into account your weight goals and your gender, age, three specific measurements, allergies, food likes and dislikes along with some other key factors. This initial data will be inputted to help provide your tailor-made program.
  • The blood test - your starting point to better health
    A blood sample is taken by a recommended doctor or blood lab. The analysis of your blood values, forms the basis for the creation of your personalized nutrition program as it can detect inflammation, elevated blood sugar levels and other key factors. Along with other personal information and preferences, this data is inputted into a complex computerized system in Germany to help generate your personal meal plan.
  • Receive your personalized nutrition program
    You’ll receive your personal nutrition program with healthy, varied meals that is geared towards your body. There are no pills, no shakes. And best of all, no hunger pains. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to change your diet and lose weight while feeling full all day and evening long.
  • Individual coaching for all clients
    You will have an individual coach at your side right from the start, either online or in person. They will answer all of your questions and concerns and help you reach your desired weight loss and/or health goal(s). They are always there to help you along this new and exciting path towards sustained weight loss.
  • The 4 phases of the program - Let's get going!
    Phase One – This phase is two days of preparing the body to get relief and fully cleansed. Phase Two – During this first two weeks, you adhere strictly to the food list in your program and the provided guidelines. And most likely will see weight loss occurring quickly without much effort. No exercise is needed at this phase. Phase Three – The food list on your program is extended and you now introduce healthy oils into your diet and occasional gourmet/cheat meals where you can eat whatever you want for one meal once per week. Moderate exercise can now be introduced into the program. This phase continues until you have achieved your weight loss goals. Phase Four – now you experiment by yourself what is good for you, based on your experiences from the first three phases. You slowly break away from the program, but you’ll keep your newly-learned eating habits.
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